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"... was a case like that of Neon Genesis Evangelion, where the creator's personal problems apparently affected the development of the story, but Season Three definitely saw a dramatic shift in the direction of the show and the way its stories were told." 

"No doubt, and many viewers dropped the show, there was the attending outcry online- " 

"And many other people starting tuning in as a result." 

"So Crisis ended up finding an equilibrium. I'm of the camp that thinks this was all planned, that Simon's supposed mental health issues were hype to coincide with the changes in the series." 

"So the production side of the show actually became part of the show..." 

"Well, the whole Man Behind The Glass character clearly evokes a 'meta' reading of the whole thing..." 

"And there are those who say that The Glass Man was actually the figure in the alleyway back in Season Two, where Max kept reappearing to Natasha..." 

"Whatever dudes, all I know is that Season Four is gonna kick ass!" 

"Thanks for sitting in, Colin..." 

"(sigh) Yeah, thanks Col."