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Channel Plex: Darkness In The Light

Max liked the anonymity of his job. He had walked through the convention doors and no one had turned their heads or given him a second glance.

He was dressed in a Hawaiian shirt and jeans. He strolled past a group of Naruto warriors and past a group of Hollowed before making it up to the registration booth. He actually stood in line right behind a fanboy dressed up like the character he voiced. 

Max smiled; he had hit the pinnacle of voice-over actors. For the past three years he had been the voice of "Simon Light" in the anime series Bold Gun Crew Votillard. It was his bread and butter after spending a few years lost in the Saturday morning cartoon world, and he probably would be still if it wasn't for his agent who called him up and told him that the US company who had picked up the distribution rights to BGCV and a producer wanted the guy who had voiced "Chem Finder" in that CGI movie Citadel. They figured it was the perfect vocal tone for "Simon". 

The line inched ahead at the registration desk and Max didn't mind. It gave him a chance to hear what manga/anime fans were chatting about and it also gave him fuel for his discussions. He didn't like writing a prepared speech and spouting it out like an automaton. 

"Name," the girl at the desk asked. 

"Cube," he leaned forward in doing his best Sean Connery. "Max Cube." 

The girls eyes widened when she heard the name. "Omigawd!" 

Her partner at the desk stopped what he was doing and said, "Mr. Cube! Holy crap it's you!" 

"In the flesh," he said. "I'm supposed to be speaking in an hour. What room will I be in?"