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Channel Plex: Clubthumper

Darius' fingers were doing the magic. His ears attuned to the crowd, listening to their reaction as he scratched in another layer to the groove he was building. They were into it and he was really in the zone. He had been the house DJ for the past several months and his reputation was growing. 

"You're killing them tonite," said Suzanne as she placed a gin and tonic on the stand beside the turntables. 

"Mos def," he replied. Sweat was pouring from his brow. He was in the zone and he wanted to elevate these poor desolate people who came in for a night of merriment to the next level. 

"Who are you playing anyways?" she inquired. She didn't recognize the main underlying groove. 

"Chakra Secrum Project," he said as he shot a glance to the album cover. "An experimental group in the 70's." 

"Wicked," she replied.