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Tunnels & Wolves

Arch glanced down the alleyway. He saw several beggars camped out in makeshift lean-tos but no sign of the black wolf-like object. There was no screaming or munching sounds so he presumed the creature was in hiding. Arch closed his eyes and scoped out the scenery in his mind, trying to locate something misplaced. Thunder of metal upon metal echoing through the area, like shunting freight cars on a track. 

"Anything, Arch?" Kitty asked beside him. She was trying to catch her breath. 

"It's in there somewhere," Arch replied. His eyes going over the manhole cover pictured in his mind. "It's gone tunneling." 

"Crap!" Kitty mumbled. 

Arch went into the alleyway and towards the sewer grating. "Indeed."