Current Transmissions:


The Mind Eyes

Tatter opened her eyes and looked around the car. Her breathing was shallow and she was in a cold sweat. Her eyes adjusted to the dim fluorescent light. She glanced around and noticed everyone resting, sleeping. Trying to catch a few z's before the next stop, whenever that would be. Her eyes drifted from the blur of the world through the windows to the back of the car, where Akimoto was sitting lotus-style. Eyes closed, finger and thumb pinched. She got up and moved toward the rear of the car.

"Aki," she said after she sat down on a seat facing him. "You up?"

Aki cracked an eye at her and smiled.

"Bad dream?" he inquired. He didn't move from his position.

"Kinda," Tatter replied; she looked up at the ceiling. Her eyes looking at the ads and posters as they melded into other eras and styles. "What do you remember of Citadel?"

Akimoto's eyes opened wide and he looked at her.