Current Transmissions:


Tales of Yore

Chem stood with his hands clasped behind his back staring out the bay window, watching the ships come in and out of the harbours. He was dressed in formal grays, his hands in white gloves. He would give anything to be on one of those ship heading out to who-knows-where and exploring the other dimensional settings that the ribbons had to offer. But at the moment some other matters were more pressing. 

The door chimed as it opened; he didn't turn around to see who had entered the quarters. 

"Commander Finder," a young ensign said. "You ready, Milord?" 

Chem looked at his reflection in the window. He saw a reflection of a man who had seen so many friends come and go. 

"Commander?" the ensign said after a several long seconds. 

Chem snapped around and picked up his cap on the edge of a chair. "Sorry. I was just remembering a time when matters like these were rare." 

"I gather he was a close personal friend," the ensign inquired.  

"He was like family," Chem replied and followed the young ensign out into the hallway.