Current Transmissions:


Station 23: Tea & Crumpets

Dan sat there and took a sip of his coffee. Suki was scrolling through the orange-coloured mac laptop on the table. She was pausing now and then to see something and then continued to scroll down the pages. The little metallic-insect creature hovered around her head like a moon orbiting a planet. It continued to change colours every so often as it clicked. Dan kept an eye on it. He wasn't sure, his head was pounding again. Like a wave on a distant shore.

"Headaches," Suki told him. "You're out of phase at the moment."

"Really," Dan replied dryly. His tongue felt like fuzz.

"Honestly," Suki said. "I haven't the foggiest, but there are several factors at work here."

"But how?" he wanted to know.

"This is a weird thing to be happening," Suki said. "I sought you out because it was the only factor I know."