Current Transmissions:


In Rough Waters

Torvel whipped the wheel around, doing a complete 180 within the ribbon itself. He aimed for the wall and ripped a hole making another tear and scaring the hell out of another ship in the process. The Nexus Wave sailed straight through another ribbon, causing another tear. Torvel maintained control and was adjusting for the differences in the rift. 

"What's going on, Captain?" Gates shouted as he entered the pilot's den. "Is there a storm?" 

Torvel held the wheel and gave it another sharp tug. "Just taking a short cut!" 

"Are you mental?" Gates yelled at him. "You could destroy the ship! You have to know what you're doing and when to do it!" 

"It's a good thing then that I do know what I'm doing," Torvel said behind  his laughter. It was the only time he cackled like a maniacal fool, and that gave Gates all the comfort he needed. Torvel had been sailing the stars for several years...