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Dice & Demon

Dan dropped the pencil onto the table and it danced, hit both the positive and negative dice on top of his character sheet. He rubbed his temple due to the sharp pain in his frontal lobe. His eyes opened up and he was sitting at a table with several others.

"Headache?" someone asked.

Dan looked over and saw a fellow sitting there with thick black hair, glasses, and a goatee. And a sense of deja vu hit him; he recognized the face but couldn't put a name to him.


"Did you make it?" another fellow asked. Dan looked over and saw a huge native looking at him over the cardboard screen.

"Wha..what?" Dan repeated.

"Did you make your saving roll?" the fellow asked. "Simon is having a splitting headache and I asked you to roll the dice to see if he could figure it out."

"Simon?" Dan said. "It's... supposed to be Max."

He glanced around at the others at the table. Other than the native and the dark-haired fellow, there was an athlete who was wearing a rugby shirt, a blonde haired girl that was sitting there with a smile on her face wearing a cowboy hat - she seemed to be in her teens, another fellow with dark and curly hair who looked like he could be related to the goatee fellow. And there was a young lad with dirty blonde hair and glasses sitting there looking at him.

"This is wrong," Dan said.