Current Transmissions:


Blind Anger

Vixx slammed a metal fist onto his desk. 

"The vile wench," he said. "How could we be so blind?" 

Lt. Aske stood there with his hands behind his back and replied calmly, "She is just a child, milord, and her thoughts are still in a chaotic state. It's hard to read them when they are that young. Wisdom and experience set the patterns which entrenches them in the mind, and they are easier to read." 

"Spare me your mumble jumble crap," Vixx said as he spun around. "You of all people should have read her deeply." 

"Well, there were fleeting thoughts," Aske replied. "But she was trained well. Too well in fact." 

"What do you mean?" Vixx whirled about and faced Aske. "Do you mean that we have a traitor in our midst?" 

"No," Aske replied. "Just that she had inside knowledge." 

"Tear this ship apart," Vixx stated. "I want everyone questioned. I want to know exactly what everyone else knows." 

Aske nodded and left with a smile.