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Frank placed the comic book down and stood up. He stretched to work out the kinks in his body before he walked over to the food dispenser. He slid a bill into a slot and pushed a button. Frank watched as the turkey sandwich was shoved forward and dropped into a little slot. His stomach grumbled a bit in anticipation of food.

Frank didn't know where the food came from nor did he care. The vendors magically restocked each and every morning. He went over to the coffee machine and pressed the double-cream double-sugar button and a styrofoam cup with a happy face appeared and the liquid poured out. He waited until the last drip before he took the coffee.

"Pretty neat huh?" Angst said. "All this stuff being here for us. As if someone was looking out for us."

Angst had stepped from the subway car and wandered over to the newspaper dispenser; she slipped a coin into the slot and picked out the paper. Today it was the USA Today magazine, yesterday it was Little Feat Chronicle, the day before that the LA Post. Like everything else at 5:59am they renewed.

"Well, at least this coffee is better," Frank said after taking a sip. The coffee was indeed one of the better brands he had tasted in the morning. "That's a bonus."

Angst chuckled a little, though she felt like she was trapped. As if they were on display, like a snow globe on a desk.

"You ever wonder why we stopped here?" Angst asked. She knew the question was a moot point but she wanted conversation. "It's got to be a while now, sitting around and waiting for something to happen. Waiting for an exit to open so we can move on with our merry lives."

"It's day 68 now," Frank said. "We've been caught between shifts like a missing sock in our dryer. But, according to the newspaper it's always the same day over and over again."