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The Space Between

Frank sat on the bench on the platform; he was in the middle of a Dirk Pitt adventure when Goner plumped down beside him.

"Damn this is weird," Goner said.

Frank chuckled because weirdness was all part of the package.

"Getting bored are we?"

"We've been here for days it seems. The train hasn't moved and there is no freakin' exits here."

Frank had thought about that but he really didn't have an explanation at all, but something was definitely wrong. He was way past the point of worrying. He now knew how Neo felt in Matrix Revolutions where he was locked between worlds. If he got a chance he would hunt up that movie and watch it again.

"Don't you find this uncomforting?" Goner asked. "I have a strange feeling as if someone has pissed off the DM."

That's when Frank laughed out loud whole-heartily.