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Real Time Saves Nine

Frank opened his eyes and stretched; he had fallen asleep. The subway car was stopped and the doors opened and he glanced around. 

Akimoto was sitting in a lotus position in deep meditation, so he didn't want to bother the Norse ronin.

He reached over and touched Tatter on the shoulder; she shot up as if touched with a branding iron.

"It's me," Frank said, leaning back and holding up his hands.

"Sorry," Tatter meekly replied. She hadn't been able to sleep at all. It seemed her functions were still jumbled a bit. "Just that..."

"No worries, Tat," Frank said. He stood up and looked up and down the car. "You know where the others went?"

"Aqua and Dex went to get some food," Tatter replied.

"And Max, Maggie, Suki..." Frank began but then he saw the puzzled look on Tatter's face. "What is it?"

"Max?" Tattered said. "Who's he?"