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Memorandum for the Record

Stone closed the laptop, rubbed his chin and let out a long breath. It sounded more like a sigh of relief; the way a jogger feels after partaking in a marathon. 

He had brought the laptop home; he didn't even say boo to anyone about it. Not even to his partner, Riveta. He wanted to see things for himself first.

He got up and walked over to the coffee machine and poured himself another cup. As he poured he stared at the cup and he shuddered. 

If this Max Cube was a crackpot, like the files suggested, then he shouldn't be worried at all. But... things were beginning to make a hell of a lot of sense and he was starting to see the line that Max was drawing.

He couldn't shake that feeling after seeing, reading, hearing the testimonies of a what was likely a madman, except that there was documentation to verify certain events. 

And for some strange reason he was getting a sense of deja vu again and it made him shudder.