Current Transmissions:




Agent Light watched the darkened landscape scroll beneath the copter. The pilot, Agent Sedara, had patched in a Radiohead album on their helmets' internal speakers for the flight. 

Everything... Everything...In its right place... 

It was a long trip, technically outside his division's jurisdiction, but the commanders had cleared him to lead the op. The LEGACY Corporation had apparently requested it when they had called in the latest lead on the open investigation. They claimed they had intelligence that placed a number of Max Cube's collaborators at a remote lakeside chalet. Simon was getting a sense of just how quickly his organization jumped when the suits rang the bell. 

Yesterday I woke up sucking a lemon... 

Right after the briefing, when the Tac-team was gearing up, Simon had put in a call to Detectives Stone and Riveta. He had no professional responsibility to update them; it was more of a courtesy. He had learned from Riveta that Stone had been declared missing. Simon's original hope that this assignment might be the one that finally answered the ache inside him was turning into something else. It was mutating into a dread, a slow-burning, smoky feeling of something being wrong. 

... In its right place... Right place... 

He hadn't told anyone about the intruder in his apartment 3 nights ago. He was sure it had been Cube. And he had been sure that it was a warning. Max letting him know he could get to him if he wanted. So Simon had moved to a hotel. But for some reason he couldn't bring himself to report the incident. 

Thinking about it, analyzing it, working off the spotty profile that LEGACY had provided, Simon had started to wonder if Max had been sending another kind of message to him... According to the Corporation's security records, Cube was responsible for numerous attacks against their property and personnel over the years. If he knew Simon was after him, why not take him out? 

There are two colours in my head... There are two colours in my head... 

If it had been Cube, and if they really were only hours away from apprehending some of his collaborators, then the mysterious man would likely make an appearance. 

What, what is that you tried to say?
What, what was that you tried to say?
Tried to say...