Current Transmissions:




Max sprawled on the bed, exhausted. Finally ready to try and sleep. He rolled over one last time to check the cigarette was butted out properly. Pain was under the pillow. And the cellphone was on the nightstand.

It hadn't rung in 24 hours. He had said they could call him if it was an emergency, but after what he discovered in the research facility, before he blew the place up... 

I'm sorry Alice. Angst would have been really proud of you. 

He couldn't see her again. Or even risk exchanging words. He had no idea how the infection was transmitted. He could try and keep them safe from LEGACY though. Hopefully his clue for the detectives would trigger them to contact whoever LEGACY had on his trail now. And he would have another target. 

24 hours. Maybe it was already all too late.

Max closed his eyes. There was always a little time left for payback.