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Countdown To Eternity

Suki rapped on the door once again. This time a little louder, a little more impatiently. Father Donnelly had donned a hooded sweater, looking more like a homeless beggar than the regal priest that he was. 

"You sure he's here?" Scorpio asked. He was constantly scanning the alleyway. He didn't like having too many blind spots. "You trust him."

"With my life on many occasions," Suki replied; she banged on the door again. 

"Keep your pants on," a hoarse voice shouted.

"Yeah, he's here," Suki said with a smile as she heard some movement inside. 

The sound of a keyboard, plus several bolts sliding from their safeties, as a door opened up partial.

"Suki?" a gruff looking man asked. Looked like he was just getting out of bed. "Suki! Sweet Jesus it is you!" 

"Sorry to bother you, Pretty, but I need your magick touch," Suki said. She looked over at the others in her party. "We need your help!"