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Miles To Go

Johannesberg stood on the dock, overlooking the lake. Watching the water. He knew there was something he should be doing but for some reason it eluded him. 

Susanna came down from the cottage with two cups of coffee in her hands. "I thought you could use a cup."

"How are the kids?" Jo asked, accepting the offered cup. "Hope they are not bored." 

"Playing dodgeball with Milligan," she replied. She stood beside Jo and overlooked the lake.

"Beautiful, isn't it," Jo stated. He secretly wished he could stay here forever. "I'm glad the warm weather is finally upon us, should make the nights better." 

"You know, I wonder why we are out here so early?" Susanna asked. "Are we on a field trip?"

Jo was about to reply, but was lost in thought. There was something happening and going on and Father Donnelly had left to meet up with someone, and soon after that Hank tore out of here like a bat out of hell. 

"It's all like a dream, isn't it," Susanna said to break the silence. "It will be sad once we leave this place."

Thunder rumbled upon the horizon. 

"We better bring the kids in," Jo said. "There's a storm coming."