Current Transmissions:




They were sitting there in the diner, sipping coffee and chatting. It had been nearly 24 hours since the events had occurred. 

Max sat at the end of the table, close to the window.

His fingers drumming out the beat going through his head. He didn't know he was doing it, though it made for a ambient sound throughout the diner. The ashtray dancing on the table, adding a crystal cymbal sound now and then. Music was pumping through his veins. 

The waitress strolled over with a full coffee urn in her hands; she didn't even have to ask if they wanted more and she began refilling each of them.

Max, Simon, Riveta, Stone, Scorpio and Suki were all tired, going on 2 days without any real sleep at all. 

All of them knew that they had things to do and people to see but they could do that tomorrow. Right now, it was just time to sit back and enjoy each others company.

As the last of the coffee was refilled Max said, "Thanks, Alice." 

"No," the waitress replied with a smile and a wink; she began dropping creamers onto each of their saucers. "Thank you, Max."