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Alison Meets With Simon Part Two

Alison and Simon used to go driving for long drives all the time. They would talk about all sorts of things - movies, history, politics. They would listen to music. He had hesitated when she asked him today. Made a few feeble excuses. She pushed. 

They were on a back road. Trees and farms and fields.

"You know, I used to think you were psychic," she said.

He smiled. "Really? That's... weird."

"You were a weird guy. Not psychic like on the talk shows. But you had these insights. These really neat takes on things. People and situations."

"Hm." Simon stared at the window.

"You don't seem angry," she said. "You seem sad."

"Both I guess, back and forth."

"Like before."

"But different."

They drove. Alison had a Blue Rodeo cd playing quietly.

"Sometimes," Simon said, "it feels like every case I get assigned to is the same case."

"How do you mean? It gets repetitive?"

"Yeah, but it's not only that. I mean it feels like there's really just one big case and every assignment I get is sortof one facet of it."

Alison wished she could ask more questions about the work Simon did. About the details. And part of her was glad she didn't have to know.

"That one last month seemed to take a lot out of you," she said, trying to support him from outside the walls.

His brow furrowed. "Which one?"

"That last big one. Whatever it was about, well, you sounded on the phone like you were on the edge. Like it was maxing you out."

Simon looked at her. "I don't remember."