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Starlight Tango

Max sat on the rock watching the horizon as the sun set. Twilight time. He was looking for the first star he could see. He waited with an unlit cigarette between his fingers, it was ready for sentry duty.

He heard faint music coming from Angst's mp3 player, she was listening to some mash-up tune. She was lying on the hood of the car with her eyes closed, listening.
His cellphone chimed and he answered.

"Yo," he said.
"Max," Suki chimed in. "Do you see her yet?"

"Keeping my eye open," he replied.
"Should be any second now."

And as if on cue Max spotted the twinkle in the sky. "There she is," he replied and he tapped Angst on the shoulder. She straightened up.

"Time to tango," Angst said. She looked up to where Max pointed and smiled. She slid off the hood and put the player into the car.

"We only got one shot at this, kiddo," Max said. "Let's not screw this one up."