Current Transmissions:


> Debashis in Plureality 5

bright. sunny day. puffy clouds. warm wispy breeze.
grainy filmy image.

commotion. just over there. pan out. turn to the commotion. focus in, too far in, blurry and focus out. see more clearly. 

he’s being pulled. three others. are pulling him.
words and shouts, nothing really intelligible.
Chaos. Loud. Emergency. Urgent. Disorder. 

imperative to Intervene. but no manuals. no rules. no protocol.
just observe? 

he’s not resisting the others. can’t.


he is losing strength. dragged to the street.
they are intervening. violently. they are intervening.
he’s weak. grainy scene. sunny sky in sepia tones? moving toward black and white and grey. 

they’re pounding on him. on his chest. some kind of system re-boot?????? 

getting darker and scene fading. they’re still pounding on him. no energy left. his eyes are trying to stay open and he stares at everything and anything. scene keeps fading. they’re still shouting and yelling. scene fades and pans out. 


can only observe. can’t intervene. 

fade to white. heart beats loud.