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Damage Control 

"... upon initial investigation there was a rupture in the main gasline which caused the explosion at our research facility two days ago," Greg Logollos said into a podium full of microphones. He happened to be the man of the hour, with all the personality of a superstar and the charismatic appeal of a politician. Plus the soul of a snake. "It wasn't an outright attack as the media stated when the event occurred." 

It was his job. Damage control; to make sure that the recent events had no bearing on what was unfolding. To make lies become truth, and the truth to become fiction. He loved his work.

"So it wasn't an act of terror then?" a reporter from CNW asked. "Eyewitness' reported seeing a van heading in the general direction of the complex before there was an explosion." 

"Oh yes," said Logollos, with the skill of a snakeoil salesman. "We all know how the media likes to pick up on small details and bend them to make it look like one thing when in fact there is a simpler solution altogether."

"Does the security videotapes show anything unusual at all?" a reporter from ABNC News asked. 

"The video tapes show nothing," he said honestly. Because it was the truth, since an electromagnetic pulse wiped out everything in a ten mile radius of the facility. That was standard procedure in case something like this happened. "The matter is under federal investigation and until we know what they know, that is all I can say," Logollos said with a lie so thick you could call it titanium.