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Deception Point

Luger arrived through the side door of The Azure restaurant. He walked through the kitchen, not paying attention to the chef or the kitchen staff. And they paid no attention to him. He had done this a few times before, so he was recognizable and unnoticeable. 

He strolled from the staff door and into the crowded restaurant; it wasn't noon yet but the restaurant was filling up with suits dining and talking business and deals. He walked to a corner booth and slid into a chair. 

"What have you got?" the man in the expensive three piece suit asked. "It better be good." 

"The other day a man was invited to the Rave," Luger said. "He fits the description you said to look out for."  

"Did you get a name?" The man in the suit was interested and leaned forward now that Luger had a juicy tidbit to offer. 

"Max," Luger said. "I didn't get his last name." 

The man in the suit cracked a huge smile before he took out his cellphone and hit a number with his thumb, as he stood up and headed for the door. 

"I did good?" Luger asked as he chased after the man. "Is this big money good?" 

"Luger my friend," the man in the suit said. "You've just earned a $10,000 bonus."