Current Transmissions:




"I'm out," Scorpio said as he looked at his gun and wished it to refill with ammo. He turned around in disgust since he had wasted most of his shots.

Suki swerved on the interstate, the car fish-tailing on the fresh fallen snow, making it hard to maneuver. She cursed under her breath; she knew she shouldn't be pushing 100 mph in a snowstorm. 

"How many?" Suki inquired. She really didn't have time to take a head count of the pursuers.

"Three sedans. Two black vans," Scorpio replied somberly. He knew this was serious business. This meant that it was a Cleaning Crew. He probably knew over half the pursuing party, as well. But he also knew one thing that they didn't know; that he was alive and part of the pursued. 

"Craptacular," Suki said. It was a word that Dexter had used several times in what seemed to be a forever ago and another several realities away.

"Is it the police?" Mayganne asked. She was lying down on the backseat of the car, amongst the shards of broken windows. They looked like small uncut diamonds. 

"No. Wish it were though." Scorpio replied as he tossed his gun on the seat beside him. He had checked the glove compartment on the off-chance that there was a clip or two waiting for him. "Much worse."