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Crime Scene Investigators

Dream Street. 11:33pm

The emergency lights flickered like distant lightning from an approaching thunderstorm. It was never a good sign when you have over a dozen squad cars lining a section of the street.

"This doesn't look good," Frank muttered as he placed his styrofoam mug of Warbuck's coffee into a holder.

"It never is when there's this many at the scene," Max replied. He saw an opening and made his way there.

Max pulled the car off to the side and stepped out; he rifled through his coat and couldn't find what he was looking for. He checked the dash of the car and saw the package of nails waiting. He grabbed them off the dashboard and lit a cigarette.

"She's not going to like it," Frank called from the other side of the car. He stood there making sure his overcoat was unrumpled.

"Yeah I know," Max replied after a long puff.

"Your funeral, partner," Frank gave him a wink.

They approached the crime scene. A young cop stood by on sentry duty, a junior grade rookie but trying to make himself look like someone of importance as Max flashed his badge to gain entry.

"Det. Cube," Max said out of habit.

The cop lifted the police line tape as Max and Frank ducked under it. They walked into a tangle of police cars and cruisers parked on the road like a child's matchbox set.

As they approached the crime scene they noticed that portable lights were set and lighting up a section of the ground.

"Cube," a voice full of authority called. "You know you should put that out."

Max shrugged as he approached Maggie.

"What's up, Margaret?" Max asked, noticed the cringing look in her eyes. He knew what buttons to push.