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Ticket to Happiness

"Are you an angel?" the little girl asked Maggie. Maggie and Angst happened to be passing by her. "You're so beautiful."

Maggie smiled at the little girl in the old clothes. The child had been sitting on the steps of her home. "It's amazing isn't it?" Maggie said turning back to Angst.

"What is?" Angst said.

"No matter how many shifts we go through, how many sites we capture, we always end up with similarities in each world," she said. "I guess there is no true utopia waiting out there."

"I guess if there was we wouldn't have a job," Angst stated. "And we would have never met." Maggie cracked a smile.

Maggie and Angst walked down the street, the February evening air was bitter and unwelcome. Winter was showing her true colours. Both girls walked the brisk walk as if they were going somewhere important or they didn't trust the neighbourhood that they were in. It wasn't a pretty section of the neighbourhood and they knew it wasn't the worst either. 

"So what brings us here?" Angst asked. She kept in perfect stride with Maggie.

"Our feet," Maggie quipped back, making Angst chuckle.

"I know that," Angst added. "Does it serve a purpose or are we just getting our exercise?"

"Oh, if I wanted exercise I would be battling demonic hordes," Maggie replied. "Besides Angst, you should know that I have a purpose for everything I do."

Mags walked into the convenience store and looked upon the counter; she was looking at the instant win cards. Angst went over to the cooler and took out a can of pop.

"I'll take that one, that one and that one," Maggie told the cashier as she pointed to instant cash tickets.

"What are you doing?" Angst asked. She had placed her cola on the counter and was fishing for change from her purse.

"Oh, it's called gambling," Maggie said smugly.

"Smart ass," Angst chuckled.

No sooner had they left the store than Maggie began to scratch one of her tickets. 

"I still got it," she said to the card. Which made Angst do a double-take, her eyes widening with excitement.

"Oh my," Angst said, peering over at the card as they walked. Seeing the secrets hidden behind the panel revealed. "What the heck are you going to do with that?"

They were walking past the house where they had seen the girl. Maggie placed the card into the mail slot, turning to Angst and saying, "They need this more than I do."

The $10,000 game prize sat in the mail box.