Current Transmissions:


The Walrus Effect

He was sitting in his apartment; well, the apartment that he had in this version of reality. He thought on the television and was changing channels with his mind; the television sensed what he was in the mood for and changed to a program suitable to his liking.

His phone rang as he reached for a cup of coffee, so he diverted his hand to the cell and he tapped the screen. His ringtone was a Beatles classic... It was good that they had existed in this version. Unlike John Lennon's Imagine, he had lived through what the singer sang. He cracked a smile.

"Hello.... Max?"

"I'm here," he replied. This time he got to his coffee cup. "What's up, Goner?"

"Nothing. Just wanted to talk, that's all. Didn't know who else I could call at this time," Goner said. "Hope I am not disturbing you?"

"No problem on that," Max said. "I've got nothing but time."

"Just that I couldn't sleep and needed someone to talk to."

"After all, it's your first shift," he said. "It's to be expected."

"This is freaking me right out," Goner stated. "I'm here, and yet things are the same but there are some differences. It also feels like there are tiny ants crawling over my brain."

"That's an after effect. You'll get used to those once your brain falls in sync with the worlds."