Current Transmissions:



"How can you be positive?" Angst asked. She knew that for the past few days Frank was getting antsy, as if waiting for a call. And then the Professor had called Frank six hours ago and it had set off this current chain of events.

"I'm sure," Frank stated; he glanced at his watch. He hit the breaks and turned the van down another street. "Eyes peeled everyone."

"What are we looking for?" Goner asked. 

"An anomaly," Frank stated. "Anything in the sky somewhere, something out of the ordinary. Something not supposed to be there."

"Is this what I think it is?" Angst asked no one in particular.

"There!" Aqua stated. "I see something over there."

Aqua pointed to a high-rise tower; she saw a swirling mass of clouds over it, releasing what looked to be blue lightning bolts. But she wasn't sure.

Frank turned the van in that direction. He saw the entrance to the tower and he pulled up to it. He hit the breaks and jumped out of the van and went to the back. He broke out the armoury.

"What are you expecting?" Goner asked. "An invasion? More Horde? A LEGACY cell team?"

"I don't know," Frank replied. "Just taking precautions."

They entered the building and walked through the main lobby; they had a purpose. A security guard was walking towards them. The guard's hand was resting on his glock, showing that he was going to mean business. After all, these strangers were intruding on his domain.

"You know what to do," Frank said to Angst.

Angst nodded at Frank and she walked towards the security guard, like a college co-ed looking for a good time. Her hands behind her back and a sultry smile across her face, as if she had a naughty secret.

Before the security guard said a word, Angst spun around like a dervish and took him down at the legs. She stunned him with a quick chop and they all continued their way.

"Oh boy, Frank. I hope you know what you're doing," Goner said.

They came to the row of elevators and Frank paused, looking at the numbers, and pressed the down button beside one set. The door opened, Frank peered in, and moved on to the next one.

The next set of doors opened and Frank nodded. He could see the walls shimmering. He jammed an iron bar into the door to force it open. He reached inside and hit the stop button as well.

"Is this it?" Aqua asked. 

"Yeah," Frank said. He glanced at his watch; it was 11:59:43pm. "In a few more seconds we shall know."

The sound of ripping and tearing could be heard from the open elevator, which made Goner cringe and shudder. Frank stepped back and waited.

"OH my god," Angst let out a gasp as she saw a huge clump of flesh fall from the ceiling of the elevator. 

"What is it!" Goner said in a horrified moment.

It looked like a tangled blob of blood and sinew, but on closer inspection it was a couple of bodies intertwined, and they began to move. They were nude and seemed to be gasping as if tasting the air for the first time.

"Max!" Angst said. She couldn't believe her eyes but she saw his face.

Goner peered inside, his eyes a mix of horror and repulsion. "Maggie as well... but who is the third?"

"Goner, find a bathroom, get some water and towels," Frank ordered. He reached inside and began to pull the guck off the bodies. Goner nodded and went off down the hallway searching for a bathroom.

"Is that..." Angst asked but trailed off.

The small form of a girl could clearly be seen as Max and Maggie moved about, taking in huge gulps of air. As if learning to breath once again.

"Suki," Aqua said, finishing off Angst's sentence.