Current Transmissions:


Incident at Moot Point

There was a horrible sound of ripping as if flesh was being torn apart. Frank and Angst, who were waiting by the car, looked up. Upon hearing the sound Angst keyed the two-way on the cellphone.

"Looks like the Professor was right," Angst said into the phone. "There's the anomaly as planned."

"It's about time," Mags said on the other end. "Does he have it?"

"Not sure," Angst said. She had been sitting on the hood of the car, soaking in some rays but she was sliding off now to go to the spot where the portal was opening.

Frank walked back to the the trunk and brought out a suitcase.

"Looks like he's got company," Angst said after witnessing the fabric of space and time open and deposit two forms like trash from a car window. "It's not an item. It's another person!"

"That can't be," an astonished Mags said from her end.

"Welcome back, Max," Frank greeted as he walked over to the bodies on the pavement. Frank did a double take at the body beside Max.

"How long?" Max asked.

"About two days," Frank told him. "Who's your friend there?"

"It's a long story," was the answer. "But that's the package."

Beside him was a formless being with no facial features or any other distinguishable body part.

"Well that's just freaky," Frank told him. 

Max reached inside his pocket and took out a sheet and gave it to Frank. After looking at the sheet Frank looked up at Max.

"You sure?" Frank asked Max.

"Yes," Max replied. "I couldn't be more serious."