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Crossworlds & Crosswords

The rain splattered against the window, merging together and streaking down the glass. It had been raining for the better part of the morning and there was nothing more to do than sit and wait until the next assignment to pop up.

Frank was sipping from a mug, the newspaper folded down to the crossword section which was nearly completed. He was working on it with a pencil, his mind scanning the letters for clues to help him solve a question.

"What's your fascination with those?" Goner asked him. He had looked over the table and at the crossword puzzle. Goner perferred to do the jumble ones, since they were much simpler to unscramble the words.

"Crosswords?" Frank asked back. He didn't bother looking up from trying to piece together an 8 letter word, then he added, "It's a pastime, Gon. Some people read books, some play video games. I solve crosswords."

"Well, that's okay. I guess," Goner replied. "You'd think you'd give your brain a little break from all that activity after all we've seen and been through."

"It's stimulating," Frank says. "Keeps the mind honed and looking for little clues that seem to fall into place."

Goner slid out of the booth. "Well, I am going to stimulate more in the bathroom."

Frank chuckled.