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Clothes Make the Man...

Suki could hear the changing in the rumble of the car. It sang to her that the car was going to be stopping shortly. 

"Time to earn our keep," she replied with Godhammer glowing. Max looked up from the paper he was reading and glanced out the window of the car. Still seeing only the darkness of the tunnel.

"Ak-Ak," Suki called to the back. The huge norseman glanced up from the book of poetry he was reading.

"You joining in or sitting this one out?"

The subway began to slow down; Max folded up the paper he was reading and set it on the seat. He picked up his two pistols and placed them into his back holsters as he stood. 

"Are we set?" he asked her.

"Yeah," she replied.

Akimoto stood up and joined them at the door. He was wearing a gaudy Hawaiian shirt and dark sunglasses.

"Next reality I am taking you shopping," Suki told Aki. 

"Oh really?" Aki replied. "What is the matter with the attire that I have on now?"

"That's so Magnum," she told him.