Current Transmissions:


A Cafe Mission

Max sat at a table just outside the cafe, sipping a coffee and watching the smoke drift from his cigarette and across the table. David Bowie was singing about changes from a car passing by. Max smiled. His cellphone sat on the table beside a package of smokes.

"You waiting for someone?" someone asked which took Max from the daydream he was about to enter and back into the fold.

"No," Max replied; he looked up into the eyes of an elderly nun. "Not really."

"Do you mind if I join you?" she asked. "This cafe is ever so busy and I saw you sitting alone. Hope you don't mind me imposing."

Being the gentleman he stood up and pulled out the chair for the nun. She sat down and gave him a nod.

"No imposing at all," Max replied. He sat down and took a long puff from his cigarette. "Hope you don't mind. It's a ritualistic habit of mine."

"No problem," the elderly sister replied with a disapproving smile. 

Max gave her a I-know-something-you-don't-know wink.