Current Transmissions:


Underneath the Blanc Mansion

The platform was empty, dusty and full of cobwebs. It hadn't been used in a long, long time. The doors slid open and Max stepped out, stepping onto the dust covered platform, leaving a shoe imprint. He was like Neil Armstrong who set foot upon a strange world for the first time, but his speech wasn't as poetic and as grammatically messed up as Armstrong's was.

Max wasn't wearing an environmental protection suit, just his battle gear. A t-shirt with a tarot card of Death on it... and on the back of his shirt: Are You Prepared? 

"Time to boogie," Max said.

Suki followed him, the Godhammer powered up, her arm a radiant light of death, said, "Lead on, Boss."

Akimoto brought up the rear with a huge sword; also a battle scowl was on his face much akin to a mime.