Current Transmissions:


The Possible Way


The sound of metal on stone echoed throughout the the area. It made me cringe because that meant that we were being followed. Max expected that would happen, but we didn't know by whom.

A rat scuttled by my feet. There were a few of them scampering about, more defiant than their cousins topside. I had tied the handkerchief over my nose and mouth, hoping that the would stop the stench.

"You coming Frank?" Angst asked. She was just a few steps ahead of me and she had this joyful glee about her. Who'd of thought that a girl like her would dig doing stuff like this.

"No. Just breathing hard," I quipped.

"You wish you old fart," Angst replied with a faint flirty tone.

"Cut the chatter back there," Max said. Though, I really couldn't understand why he said that since he'd been humming a show tune as we made our way through the sewers.

"Yeah right," Angst told Max.


There was that sound again off in the distance behind us. Sounding much closer. Whoever was following us had picked up the pace.

Here we were beneath the city, walking through sludge trying to find a key. The old man had given Max a riddle, and though I am not to clear about it myself, Max and Maggie came to the conclusion that the answer lay in the sewers.

Clank. Clank.

"Max," I said; I drew my glock. "I think we have company."

Max paused; he held the blue cube in his hands and turned to me. He looked very sinister in the pale green light, as if he had discovered the Loch Nar and was about to morph out into a zombie like in the end segment of that Heavy Metal movie.

I guess Angst noticed that as well and she chuckled.