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The Beginning (Of Sorts) - V.23

20 or less years ago:

"Prep him," a voice ordered.


"No buts." The voice was cold and full of authority. "You do as I say or I find someone else who will."

"Right away, sir."

"And then send him back."


"Did I stutter?" Control asked. "Your paid to do as you're told and do that."

"But the potential this..."

"Just do it!"

Control stood over the table and looked down upon the kid on the table; he had to be no more than 11 or 12 years old, but it was a successful trawl. He was the first experiment that they had pulled; Project Paperfold was a success. But there was one major side-effect, and it had been a simple flaw on the part of the scientist who had done it.

Control took the clipboard and scanned it. The test subject's name was: Max Cube, 11 years old. Taken during a lucid event in his sleep. Control smiled; the project was a success. Poor kid though, will probably never be the same....