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The Aria Effect

Frank slid back into the booth with a sly grin on his face. Max was sitting there smoking another shitty smelling cigarette, his arm draped around Mags. Angst sat on the other side next to Goner.

"What are you smiling at?" Angst asked him.

"I slipped the disc jockey a c-note and a song to play," he replied.

"Why?" Goner asked this time around.

"Because," was all that Frank said.

As the last song ended the haunting melody of the next one began. It started to perk up the interest of the table. The tune began to wail from the speakers and the dance floor cleared. Then the techno sound began to sneak into the haunting melodic tune. Which made the young crowd seem to turn away from the dance floor.

"Care to dance?" Frank asked of Angst. She turned and smiled and held out a hand for Frank to take.

Max just looked a Mags and gave her a wink; she gave him a nod and they too headed out onto the dance floor, as the haunting voice began to sing. Both couples took to the dance floor like nobility at a grand ball. The crowd of 20-somethings stood around looking at the majestic couples as they did their ritualistic movements on the dance floor.

Goner sat at the table shaking his head, though he thought Frank was cool for an old fart. Goner flagged down a waitress and ordered another round, his head bobbing to the music.

"Fuckin' A, Frank," Goner whispered.

Mags looked into Max's eyes and she was swept away into the pools of azure, lost for a mere fraction of a second in his world. She began to spin like a dervish, the scarves around her arm billowing out, and Max was getting into the essence of the song.

He thought he owed Frank big time for this, because right now it was what he needed.