Current Transmissions:


Pistol Whipped

"Look Max, I am the one with the gun here," Nell said. "You're in a sorry-ass state, Max. I got orders to pull this trigger and blow your fucking head clean off.

"Well," Max rasped through a swollen jaw, "I guess a date is out of the question."

Nell brought up the butt of the gun to strike at him again but Ally got in the way when she brought her face close to Max.

"You're screwed," Ally told Max. 

"Hah!" Max replied, startling the both of them. A spittle of blood flew from his mouth and touched Ally and Nell.

Nell brought up the butt of the gun and struck Max on the side of the skull, near the temple, sending his head back like JFK after the fatal shot from the grassy knoll.

"You killed him you bitch!" Ally screamed at Nell. "He's worth more to us alive."

Nell grabbed Max's head and showed Ally that, even though he was battered and bruised, he was still breathing, if only barely.

"You call me bitch one more time and I will fucking shoot you!" Nell warned her.

"Bitch," came a reply from the doorway. Nell turned to see a slender form with flowing red hair.