Current Transmissions:


Of Presents Given

The car traveled on throughout tunnels unknown and passing worlds of gone-by, should-have-been, the plurealities streaking past the windows all different but still looking the same.

Suki was waking from a little sleep. Her eyes flickering open like someone turning on a light switch. She turned her head and spotted two gifts on the seat beside her; she glanced around. She saw Max was up at the front of the car chatting with Bishop, who was leaning up against the door to his booth. Akimoto was stretched out on the seat in the back, and seemed to be taking in the downtime with a nap as well. 

The presents were wrapped with tender care and a tear welled up in her eye. Though, she knew it wasn't the sight of seeing the presents; it was the thought of them being beside her that made her happy. She had found a new family.

"Merry Christmas, Suki," Max and Akimoto echoed throughout the subway car.