Current Transmissions:


Message in an Electronic Bottle

Like a vampire with a deep hunger for a taste of blood, so does Max hunger for combat and change. Sitting alone in his apartment, his radio attuned to a station where the music was nothing like the ones he listened to.

Tell me something.

There were three cigarettes butted out in the ashtray beside him. A fourth cigarette smoldered in it, the smoke drifting out like a signal from the past. He was bored, really bored, and he really didn't know what he wanted to do.

A fly had landed on his arm and Max turned to ask it, "What do you think?"

The fly continued to walk along his arm until it finally headed off elsewhere.

"Et tu?" Max muttered and he sighed.

His laptop was open and the screensaver had kicked in hours ago. A swirling mass of lines intermixing with each other in some form of sexual innuendos. He heard the blip of someone messaging him.

He got up from the chair and walked over to the desk. His finger hit the screen and the screensaver disappeared; at the bottom of the screen in the system tray the blue flashing signalling him. He touched it and it called up the messenger.

This Transmission is coming to you.