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Champions Do Eat Breakfast

Frank lowered the newspaper he was reading and peered over it. "Take it easy on breakfast buffet, Goner. You're not the only one here who likes breakfast."

They were sitting in a corner table inside Endless Griddle, enjoying a fine breakfast.

"Sorry, Frank," Goner said in-between bites. "I really don't know when I will eat a meal like this again. Besides, it's fucking delicious."

Max came back and sat down with his plate; he gave Goner a little double-take. It was like he was watching Shaggy attack a meal. Max didn't know where the kid was putting the food, but he figured Goner needed the nourishment.

"Make sure you come up for air," Frank told Goner.

"You getting anything, Frank?" Max asked the older fellow.

Frank folded the newspaper and stood up, grabbing his coffee cup. "Just sticking with coffee. I think Goner is eating for the both of us."

Max chuckled and began to eat his breakfast.