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Art Imitating Life Imitating Art


MAX, SUKI & AKIMOTO are on the platform. Max is leaning up against a pillar, smoking a cigarette. He is wearing a red t-shirt declaring "Pick Me Kirk!". Akimoto is dressed in a tropical shirt and torn jeans; he is sitting at bench reading a comic book. Suki is sitting on the floor; she is tracing patterns on the tile.

I'm bored. How long are we going to wait here?

As long as it takes

This sucks. We should be kicking butt by now.

Suki, be careful what you wish for. You just might get it.

Akimoto looks up from his comic and flips a page. The action on the comic book seems to mirror what just went on between Suki and Max. Akimoto shrugs and goes back to reading... On the first panel is the sound of a train. 

Sound of a train approaching.

Hope our car is on this one.

It could be.

Akimoto looks at the comic book again and at Suki and Max and then he flips the page to see something hideous on it. Cut to Akimoto's eyes widening in horror. He drops the comic and grabs his sword.

Camera pans into the comic book and onto a frame in which Max asks Akimoto:

What is it?

Cut to other panel in which Akimoto turns and faces Max:

Something spooky.