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A Book is a Book

Control walked into the conference room and threw down a children's book in front of the trio that was sitting at a table. The trio looked at the book and then at Control, who took a seat.

"What's this?" inquired one.

"It's a book," Control replied. "It's a good read."

One of the gentlemen turned the book to read the title. It was a preschool Prince-Fish Book. The title read 'Cube'.

"Go on," Control urged; he sat back in the chair and folded his arms. "Skim through it and read."

The trio looked up and then at the book and one of the fellows opened it up. The illustrations were manga-ish but done in pencil style.

Max & Maggie
by Tym Billion
Illustrated by Dan Synnik

Max likes shooting. He shoots well.
He could shoot the moon like William Tell.

Maggie likes fencing. She fences well.
Her katana is like a symphony as you could tell.

Trump likes meowing. He meows well.
The talking cat likes to complain as you can tell.

Goner likes sitting. He sits by the well.
When he's not sitting, he's got secrets to tell.

One of the trio closed the book after skimming the first several pages and asked, "What does this mean?"

"It means," Control said. "that we've moved into another territory."