Current Transmissions:


Tactical Strategy

"Enigma dancing," Max said into the headset; he was moving along the upper tier looking down into the crowd in the food court, trying to locate the target or targets. Time was ticking away towards a dangerous liaison.

"Rhythm movement is the groove," replied Mags; she was sitting in the food court, sipping on a frosty drink. Her eyes scanning the packages and parcels of each pedestrian as they went by. She leaned forward and tapped Angst on the shoulder and pointed to the man in the red hat.

Angst dropped the magazine she was scanning onto the table and turned to see the fellow walking; he was carrying a large parcel underneath his arms.

"Whose party is this at?" Angst looked up and spotted Max; she nodded to him.

Max stopped and waited. He glanced down at his chronometer and sucked in air between his teeth. They were going to cut this one very close indeed.

"The nurse was outside standing watching," Mags said as she stood up. She could see that the situation was going to get much worse. Angst followed her lead, and stayed close, acting the daughter role.

"Whose father?" Max asked. He stopped at the railing and peered down; it was a 30 foot drop and he was prepared to take it if necessary.

"Underneath the moon we danced like children," said Maggie as she headed to the Lunar Looks Clothing store. She had her frosty drink in her hand and she made like she was heading for the garbage bins, Angst in tow.

"That should learned them," Angst stepped behind Maggie; she was pulling out the Uzi. She knew that time was of the essence here. Any second chaos was going to be born, and many lives would be claimed in the resulting conflict.

"Give me liberty," Max said; he saw Mags and Angst by the bins and he shuffled sideways about 10 feet until Angst nodded. He heard the whine of his clock: time was do or die.

"The heart knows what the mind doesn't," Mags said; she didn't want to do this here and now, but the enemy liked to use tactics such as these. So if a few lives had to be lost to save billions it was worth the risk.