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ICN (International Cable News) Reports that there is a secret war going on and that only a handful of people are fighting to keep this reality alive.
[link goes to video story]

2005-10-02 10:22:02 AM da_man
Who'd want to?? This reality sucks big time. :P I know that in the next reality that I want to be surrounded by playboy bunnies and wear my pyjamas all day. 

2005-10-02 10:24:24 AM jorb_hunter
who needs a tinfoil wedgie? sounds like somebody there does.

2005-10-02 10:26:48 AM Cosmic_Goddess
I really don't know but it seems too far fetched even to me.

2005-10-02 10:27:04 AM boom_shaklak_boom
I know someone who has encountered one of those warriors. They were on the subway and battling demons?

2005-10-02 10:27:54 AM The_Extreme666
I call bullshat on that! boom_shaklak ... cause everyone knows that demons don't like subway cars.

2005-10-02 10:29:23 AM Jeff
Hey Cosmic_Goddess I got you reality right here. ;) (holds crotch)

2005-10-02 10:31:35 AM George_Washingtons_brother
Dammit! This is serious! Who knows when we wake up in the morning that we're imprisoned by a tyrannical dictator?

2005-10-02 10:33:47 AM Mixmaster_K
I really don't trust a website with an ad for the Date Hot Asian Chicks on its site.

2005-10-02 10:35:12 AM angel_of_sex
That's truly is weird man. I clicked the link and read the article... and what they were writing about is at the subway station just two blocks from me. I just came from there after reading the article and I am getting a weird vibe from it. 

2005-10-02 10:35:32 AM Canadian_Bacon
Well that certianly sucks. 

2005-10-02 10:37:59 AM woodstock
Well I better go home and get some nookie from the wife. Cause I might not be able to in the morning. ;)

2005-10-02 10:38:04 AM RedHairedAngel
I am sensing something sinister is in the air.