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Driving Max Cube

Max was waiting for the cab to arrive when a huge Oldsmobile pulled up in front of him. Smoke billowed out from the tailpipe as if sending a signal for help. The driver of the vehicle leaned across the passenger seat and rolled down the window.

"Max!" the driver called out.

Max peered inside the ancient vehicle and looked at the driver. She was an elderly Latino woman. "Yes?"

"Thank goodness I found you," she said as she reached over and opened the door. "Get in."

Max was googling his memory to see if this woman came up, but at the moment there was no hit.

"It's urgent, Max," she pleaded. "We need your help. Desperately need it."

Max saw the cab he had called approaching, he looked at the open car door and decided to slide into the passenger seat. The woman looked at him as if for the first time.

"Holy moly," she whispered. "You look like a kid."

"What do you mean?" Max asked.

"Well when you told me to pick you up here, you'd say don't be surprised on how the way I looked," the woman said as she pulled the car out onto the street.