Current Transmissions:


A Pint or Two

They were sitting at a pub called "Rob Roy's", enjoying the evening along with several pints of beer. Max was there, Maggie by his side, leaning up against his shoulder like a school girl deeply in love. Frank, Goner, Angst and Memphis sat around the table, as well.

"Here's to us," said Frank as he raised his glass to the center of the table. "We are the knights true, fighting the fight, living the cool."

"Hear hear," Max said.

The others clunked their glasses to the toast and all took a long pull from the ale they were drinking. And at that moment the ale tasted sweeter than ever. Max thought of how the Greek gods must have felt sitting with their brethren and toasting the world.

"This is great," Angst said. "This has been a long time coming."

"Too long," Maggie added. She squeezed Max's hand and looked him in the eyes. The signals had been sent a long time ago, and the intent of the look was truer today than when they were first sent.

Frank pounded back the pint and signaled the server for another round. Goner nodded at Frank in approval, because who knew when they would have a night like this ever again.