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The Wish List

"Got a cigarette?" Goner asked. 
"There's a bunch of them on the floor over there," Max pointed out to him. 
"Too lazy to move," Goner answered with a smile. 
Max sat down beside Goner, reached inside his shirt pocket and took out his pack. Goner opened it up and saw just one lone, bent cigarette in the case and took it. 
"Gotta a light?" Goner asked of Max. 
Max reached inside his pants pocket and took out a beat up zippo; it was old and worn and the images that were once engraved upon it were faded and scratched beyond recognition. 
Goner looked at the sacred relic in his hands before striking the flint. "I think I know what I am going to get you for Xmas." 
"Don't," Max said. "That's my mojo, you couldn't replace that with anything in the plex."