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Rainy Day Interlude

Rain spattered against the windowpane as thunder rumbled across the sky. The day was dark and murky, sort of an ambient mood to a bitter day. Inside a brownstone within the city, two women passed the time. One of them reading a novel, the other by the window looking out over the city.

"So what's he like?" the cheerleader asked, diverting her attention from the view and back into the room. "I mean, what's he like in person? You've been traveling around with him. What's the real deal?"

Maggie glanced up from the book she was reading. She was in the middle of a story about a boy who went to a magical school and battled fantasy creatures, though the book wasn't supposed to be a fantasy to begin with.

"Who - Trump?" she asked, feigning ignorance with a slight smile. "Oh, we found him awhile back, and he's just been..."

"No. Max," the cheerleader said. "I wonder if he's the key to unlocking the events that are unfolding." She shivered. "Why are the dreams I'm having like peering into the souls of others?"

Maggie got up from the sofa and tossed the book down. She strolled to the table where the cheerleader was sitting. The sound of a coffee machine coming from the kitchen, gurgling like it was a volcano ready to go at any moment.

"Let me get a coffee first and I will tell you a little story," Maggie said.