Current Transmissions:


Platform Shoes

Mags yawned; she was tired and bored. To quote a 20th century poet: 'the waiting was the hardest part'. She stood on the platform looking bored and checked her watch. It was pretty close to 1 AM. She glanced around and realized that she was alone and looked ever the easy mark. 

Two men approached her, looking thuggish. As they walked past her she didn't give them a second glance. She stood there, looking distracted.

"Yo, bitch," one thug said.

Before he had time to bring up the switchblade, Maggie swung around with her leg and gave him a kick. The thug bent over as his family jewels seemed to explode in their package.

The thug's buddy brought up a gun and before he knew it was missing from his hands. He had a weird expression as he realized that his hand was missing along with the gun. He didn't have time to let out a scream as the katana cut him down.

Thug's buddy's jacket fell open and that's when Mags saw the necklace of ears; it made her even more mad. She hated weird cults.